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ACTIVITIES WITH DOBROMIERZ (Działania z Dobromierzem)

KwieKulik / 1972-1974 /2008 / Poland

KwieKulik, a collaboration between Zofia Kulik and Przemysław Kwiek, was one of the most important phenomena of post-war Polish art. Marked by a strong social and political engagement, their work shifted the focus from the production of objects to more process-based experimentation. In conjunction with the KwieKulik Collection Display on Level 3, this event presents a screening of Activities with Dobromierz (1972-1974), a two-year project in which the couple's child is photographed in various everyday situations mixed with propaganda elements characteristic of the time. After the screening, a discussion between Zofia Kulik, Stuart Comer and Lukasz Ronduda will address KwieKulik's work, its legacy, and the archival challenges presented by their radical, organic approach.

In cooperation with the Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw.