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dirs./scr. Adam Sikora, Ingmar Villqist/ 2010 / Poland / 108 min

Ewa works in a local shop while her husband scavenges for materials with three friends. But times are difficult for this working couple and their two children. Ewa meets an elegant and well-off woman who finds her work behind the bar at an exotic dance club that is also a front for prostitution. Despite her good intentions Ewa is drawn into the world of sex, becoming a prostitute at the club. Her husband, unable to find any real work, struggles to deal with the new scenario. Eventually sex and violence come together in one encounter at the club and Ewa finds herself spiraling into moral abuse and despair. Recalling Mike Leigh’s Vera Drake with the main protagonist’s moral ambiguities and existential problems of the working class. The resemblance to the work of this British director lies also in Adam Sikora’s impressive cinematography. His use of a bold colour palate gives the working families and friends of Ewa a certain dignity despite their situation.