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MOTHER TERESA OF CATS (Matka Teresa od Kotów)

dir. Paweł Sala , cast. Ewa Skibińska, Mateusz Kościukiewicz, Mariusz Bonaszewski, Filip Garbacz / 2010 / Poland / 95 min

A shocking story inspired by true events. Two brothers, 22 year old Artur and 12 year old Marcin, are arrested for the murder of their mother, Teresa. What could have possibly brought this seemingly normal family to ruin? The answer seems to be hidden in the twelve months preceding the brothers arrest. With each retrospective sequence the director constructs unbelievably accurate portraits of the brothers and their future victim, and bringing us closer to understanding the psychology of this horrible crime and motherly love. But will these juxtaposed puzzle fragments of the preceding events create a clear final image resolving the mystery?