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THE ASCENDED (Wniebowzięci)

dir. Andrzej Kondratiuk / 1973 / Poland / 44 min

Andrzej Kondratiuk created two unforgettable characters in this film, one of his best comedies. The famous duo Maklakiewicz – Himilsbach, the main protagonists, are two middle-aged men whose lives haven’t been too exciting or successful. One day chance shines its light upon them, winning an incredible amount of money in a lottery. They decide to spend it on a flight, their first ever experience of an airplane. Having enjoyed it, they decide to fly everywhere across Poland for no real reason, simply because they can. The realistic narration of this film perfectly enhances the helplessness of the two characters in their endeavours to surpass their fate. The money gives them the opportunity to experience another life and to adopt new social roles, yet only to discover in the end that they prefer to live their normal lives. Sometimes fulfilled dreams do not make people happier nor better men. On the contrary, they help them accept their fate, no matter what it is.